You are thinking about renovating your home or office and you like the Italian tiles presented in our site.
All you need now is to place your order and wait for delivery.

English-speaking customers will feel at ease in the single-brand showrooms of Tagina and Imola,
and we promise — nothing will get lost in translation!

Simply call our specialist (fluent in English and Italian)

on + 7 495 640-44-05, ext. 19.

As well as taking care of your order, he will also:

  • prepare offers for special projects
  • organize a 2D visualization of the tile design
  • prepare samples of materials for you
  • guide you around the showrooms

Our international standard of customer care will make sure you feel 100% confident whilst dealing with us. 

Please call:

  • monday to friday from 10 to 19
  • saturday and sunday from 12 to 18

You can also make your order by filling the ‘basket’ on the website:

Just add «ENGLISH» as a note on the order, and our specialist will get in touch with you and provide any help or information required.

We look forward to receiving your order for the world-leading ceramics from the Tagina — Imola family of factories.

Дата публикации: 03.12.2017